Antec’s Latest Beast – The Soundscience A/V Cooler

If you’re like me with electronics, especially home stereo components, then placing them in a nice cool spot is usually an impossible task. Unless you have high-end home theater equipment that absolutely requires a nice piece of furniture or housing, then we are in the same predicament. Most manufacturers create furniture pieces without the concept of airflow for multiple components to fit in there little cubby spots . When you combine flat screen televisions, slim Blu-ray players, somewhat bulky gaming consoles, TiVo units, Netflix box’s, surround sound receivers, amps, CD changers, and custom built HTPC’s (home theater PC), you are going to create Las Vegas type heat.

If you didn’t know, placing one electronic unit on-top-of another could cause it to fail, or worse, completely be destroyed. My horror story included a Dish Network receiver on top of a frequently used DVD-player. The result: a over heated burnt out catastrophe for both!

Now, thanks to the creative team at Antec, you can rest easy at night knowing that your electronics are getting a cool breath of fresh air with the introduction of the Antec: Soundscience A/V cooler.

This bad boy will take care of any heat that you wish to dissipate between or around your electronic devices. With 2-speed 80 mm blower fans there will never be, well less than, a doubt that your original Xbox360 will get the three rings of death due to over heating. There is no way you will hear it with 28.7decibal’s (dBA), and your electricity bill wont even make a hair of a difference with 5W being used on the highest setting. And if you are thinking that the weight of your 12 speaker surround sound receiver will crush the cooler, think again! This tough boy is made up of a carbon-glass structure with aluminum top plating that provides you with the instructional integrity you need!

If you enjoy the personal touch of electronic heating (not recommended) during the winter months, you can simply turn the a/v cooler off. When Summer comes around again, put it back to use. The Soundscience A/V cooler is available at Antec’s website and cost $139.95

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