New Slimmer Wii with No Gamecube Support Announced in Europe..

At first, PlayStation 3 offered backwards support to its PlayStation 1 and 2 games when it launched for nearly $400 dollars. People weren’t crazy about the price and eventually Sony took out the emulated support for backward support, which led the system to be much cheaper. If people wanted some old school games, well tough, unless it’s out on the PSN.

The Nintendo Wii did a similar offering, which was the ability to play your Gamecube games along with having slots for your Gamecube controllers and memory cards, but that is about to end. Over at, they got confirmation that Nintendo will be slimming down the system and taking out previous support for the Gamecube, while phasing out the older models.

It’s not confirmed yet if this will hit US and Japan yet, but chances are high since Nintendo plans on getting this out by holiday season. Europe did announce a cheaper PSP model that will not support Wifi so this could be a Europe only thing, but chances are Nintendo will bring this over. If you like the Gamecube compatibility, be prepared get your own before they are gone.


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