Kotobukiya Makes Me Keep Wanting to Spend Money, Especially with Jehuty

Hideo Kojima released Zone of the Enders (Anubis) back in 2001, which sold very well. The demo of Metal Gear Solid 2 probably helped out a bit, but the game was met with pretty good success especially in the US, which led Konami and Kojima to release a sequel that blew the first one out of the water.

The game became a cult classic to mech lovers and regular fans alike. Z.O.E. 2 became a very high demand game for a good long time. Fans would love to see a sequel to the series, but it was announced earlier this year an HD version of both games would be available for both PS3 and Xbox 360.

Zone of the Enders items weren’t produced until a few years ago but there has been more items being made only recently, which includes this plastic model kit from Kotobukiya that stands 7 inches tall with a few parts and interchangeable hands.

I mean just look at it, you will be able to not only put Jehuty together yourself, but the detail and craft behind this “Orbital Frame” is just awesome, I just wonder how much she will cost, because at the right price I’d be happily getting one and putting it together.

If you haven’t followed Kotobukiya’s facebook page they have been showing off some sweet statues and toys in the last few weeks which will be out in 2012, like this Jehuty, which is coming out in January 2012.

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