Review: ‘Assassination Games’ Starring Jean-Claude Van Dame

It may look like Jean-Claude Van Damme hasn’t been doing any movies lately, but he has (they’re just not as big as back in the day). His latest movie, Assassination Games, has him playing Vincent Brazil, an assassin who has to team up with another assassin, Roland Flint (Scott Adkins) to take down a drug lord. Scott Adkins is a newcomer in the world of lead action star as he plays opposite Jean-Claude. His character, Flint, plans to avenge his wife, who was a victim of sexual assault, against the drug lord Polo Yakur (Ivan Kaye). The problem? Jean-Claude is also after the same guy. Here’s another problem, Yakur is being helped by the DEA, so getting to him will be tough. On a side note, one of the DEA guys is played by Van Damme’s son, Kris Van Damme… I mean Kristopher Van Varenberg.

The two assassins have two different views. Van Damme is very precise, with no emotions, and does the job without asking questions. We do get to see his character grow as he learns to love, thanks to a hooker. Adkins gets personal because his wife was raped in front of him and is now in a coma. When the two meet, they duke it out after trying to go after the same target. The two later must learn to work together in order for them to succeed.

The one thing that you’ll notice about this movie is the sepia tone. I got sick of the tone by the end of the movie, but we’re not watching this for the color choices are we? So how’s the action? I have to admit, I was disappointed that there weren’t many martial arts action sequences in the movie, especially since both Van Damme and Adkins practice martial arts. Then again, this movie is trying to focus on being an elite assassin with weapons. We do get to see some cool blade-throwing action from Van Damme.

At the main focus of the movie is Van Damme’s change from cold-hearted killer to a killer who likes to take care of a turtle and a prostitute. Marija Karan plays the prostitute named October. She is hot, but her acting, not so hot. She’s definitely there just for eye candy, but she does have an important role of changing Van Damme into a more caring assassin.

The movie isn’t the greatest, but it was entertaining to see the chemistry between two assassins and their plans to take down their target. While I do miss the good ol’ days of Van Damme as he does his signature spinning split-kick, it’s kind of nice to see him doing other things. Scott Adkins does well with standing toe-to-toe with Van Damme.

Grade: B-

Assassination Games is currently in theaters at

    Emagine 18 – Canton
    Mall of America 14 – Bloomington
    Movies @ CrownPoint 12 – Charlotte
    Raleigh Grand 16 – Raleigh
    Carolina Asheville 14 – Asheville
    Lake Worth Movies 14 – Lake Worth
    Starplex Creekside Cinemas 14 – New Braunfels
    Starplex Corpus Christi Stadium 16 – Corpus Christi
    Starplex Galaxy 16 – Waco
    Palace 18 – Miami

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