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It looks like Miles Morales a half-black, half-Hispanic young man will be taking up the mantle of Spider-Man in the Ultimates Universe after the Green Goblin kills Peter Parker in issue 160. The Ultimate Universe was created in 2000 to tell contemporary stories in an alternate universe in which if a character dies they usually stay dead. Morales was introduced in issue four of ‘Ultimate Fallout‘ where is shows up to break up a fight. ‘Ultimate Spider-Man‘ will be getting a reboot in September with a new number one issue,  where readers learn how Morales got his powers and dons the Spidey costume.

Editor in Chief at Marvel, Axel Alonso (Spider-Man and X-Men) told USA Today “What you have is a Spider-Man for the 21st century who’s reflective of our culture and diversity. We think that readers will fall in love with Miles Morales the same way they fell in love with Peter Parker.”.

The change was actually inspired by Donald Glover (Community and Derrick Comedy) who spurred on a Twitter campaign to be cast in the new Spider-Man movie. Writer Brian Michael Bendis (Ultimate Spider-Man and Avengers) told USA Today after seeing Glover (who has a bit of resemblance to Morales) in a Spider-Man costume on a episode of Community “I saw him in the costume and thought, ‘I would like to read that book.’ So I was glad I was writing that book.”

Nick Harkaway of the Financial Times has this to say about the change ”In choosing Miles Morales to pick up where Peter Parker left off, Marvel has reached out to one-quarter of the country – and soon, many more. So this is not a commercially disinterested decision, but then Marvel is a savvy company. Rather than licensing its rights, it has its own film studio to exploit them. It profits from every aspect of its brand, using movies to bring in readers and comic books to test out ideas. But there is a confluence of desires too: Marvel’s comic book writers have the liberty to push stories beyond the limits of what a film franchise might dare – and to present Spider-Man in a new version of the American experience, in the form of Miles Morales, is just such a step.”

Not everyone looks to be happy with the change such as American conservative radio host Glenn Beck calling Spider-Man a quote unquote “stupid comic book” and then attributes the new Spider-Man to Michelle Obama by playing an audio clip of her saying, “We’re gonna have to change our traditions.”

Jim Treacher, a columnist at the Daily Caller also makes a tweet “I think it’s great that the new Spider-Man is black. I just hope he doesn’t blame all his problems on Peter Parker”

And so we got both negative and positive things being said of this new wall crawling kid. Check out the new run coming in September featuring Morales as the all new web slinger and let us know what you think on’s forum.

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