Half of Netflix Users Use Consoles to Watch Online

Watching movies and TV shows instantly on your computer is very convenient. The problem with this is that most computers use a small computer screen, as compared to a big

X Games 17 & FORD Needing You is like a Hot Wheels & Matchbox Octane Heaven!

If you think a mud run or a carnival ride would bring you to the heart palpitating experience – think again! Octane Academy, founded by FORD, is what every little

Meet Rosanna Rocha, The Hot Mileena Cosplayer

Cleavage? Check. Sais? Check. A whole lot of skin? Double check! Here’s Rosanna Rocha, the sexy Mileena cosplayer seen this past weekend at San Diego Comic-Con 2011. The event was

Frank Darabont Steps Down from Handling ‘The Walking Dead’

What?! So I had a chance to interview Frank Darabont at San Diego Comic-Con the past week and it looked like everything was fine, but now we get this news

SDCC 2011: Namco Gets Spanked by Capcom

You can always expect some kind of fun rivalry with Street Fighter X Tekken when the producers are involved. Namco’s Katsuhiro Harada and Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono were present at the

‘The Art of Sketch Theatre, Volume 1’ Book Review

I will start off this post with two facts: I loathe big books, and I love art. So when the PR guy handed over this book to us, I must

Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Concert Tickets Available Starting August 1st

Are you aware that it’s Link and Zelda’s 25th Anniversary? Yeah, and there’s a concert tour being assembled in their honor (sshhhh, it’s a secret). The first concert will take

San Diego Comic-Con Day Four Photos

On Sunday, San Diego Comic-Con International 2011 drew to a close. From July 20th – July 24th, over 100,000 fanboys and girls descended upon the San Diego Convention Center and the surrounding area.

Battlefield 3 Weapons Customization Videos

Battlefield 3 is steaming its way to its October 25 launch date. We just posted up videos of game-play for all to see, and now more info is arising. Alpha

SONY Playstation Vita – Life Full of Details Inside

For what SONY called, “the official platform name for the next generation portable entertainment system (codename: NGP)”, the news is beginning to trickle in as to why the Vita will

The Amazing Spider-Man – On IMAX 3D

Did we expect anything less? IMAX Corporation and Sony Pictures Entertainment announced that the anticipated new Spider-Man movie will forgo the pleasure of IMAX 3D wonderfulness. Will this be enough

SDCC 2011: Kotobukiya’s Upcoming Babelicious Bishoujo Statues

I’ve been trying to get out of the collectible scene simply for the fact that I wanted to save space and money, but there is one company that’s preventing me

SDCC 2011: Kotobukiya + Tekken = OMG I WANT THIS!

As I stated before Kotobukiya is one of my favorites when it comes to various items. Recently they have released a great line of Marvel Bishoujo, but one of my

SDCC 2011: Cosplay Girls Days 3 and 4 Gallery

With the last two days left of the con, the weekend came and went, but Day three was one of our busiest days. With an appointment with some of the

SDCC 2011: Square Enix PLAY ARTS® Amazes

I am a huge collector of anime, video game figures and statues to the point where I have my own showcase in my room. There are also a few companies

SteelSeries: Xai, Not to Be Underestimated! – Review

At first glance, the SteelSeries: Xai seems to be a lot like your everyday laser mouse, but there is power hidden in this tool of mass devastation and not to

SDCC 2011: Cosplay Girls Day 2 Gallery

Today I will continue the Cosplay Girls Gallery with the final three days of the Convention. Starting with Day 2 of San Diego Comic-Con. The cosplay girls came out in

Video Roundup: Assassin’s Creed and Conan O’Brien CG Animation, Saints Row 3D Projection, and More

San Diego Comic-Con International 2011 has come and gone. The event had so many things happening that my brain feels like slushie now. Here are some trailers and videos that

Cyrax and Sektor’s Mortal Kombat Legacy Final Episode Is Here

After a very long wait (okay about a month), the final episode of the Mortal Kombat Legacy webseries, directed by Kevin Tancharoen, is here. This is the episode where we

SDCC 2011: The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra Trailer

There hasn’t been many American cartoons in the past decade that have captured my attention quite like Avatar: The Last Airbender. Nickelodeon’s original series was critically acclaimed and accumulated a