Comic Hit List: Lady Mechanika #2

The second issue of Lady Mechanika, the steampunk style comic book from artist and writer Joe Benitez, has finally hit shelves after quite a long wait. For those of you unfamiliar with the Aspen Comics series, the title character is a sole survivor of a serial killer’s bloody rampage through the turn-of-the-century England. Suffering from amnesia, Lady mechanika is now a sort of heroic adventurer/vigilante searching for clues about her past and her strange mechanical limbs. If you haven’t been able to get your hands on issue #0 and #1, Aspen has recently released them both in a collected edition for about four bucks.

In the previous issue, readers were introduced to a young girl who was transformed into a cyborg-like creature with mechanical limbs and on the run from those responsible for her condition. We also learn that this girl could very well be a key to the secret past of the title character Lady Mechanika. In this first issue, readers are also introduced to a colorful cast of characters such as a very sexy and lethal villain in white by the name of Commander Winter, Lady Mechanika’s tech savvy associate Mr. Lewis, as well as Doctor Littleton, with his daughter Allie, whom Lady Mechanika calls upon to help solve the mystery of the mechanical girl.

Now in issue two, Lady Mechanika is obsessed with the need to solve the mystery of the mechanical girl from the first issue. We are also introduced to the equally mysterious gentleman by the name of Mr. Cain, also better known as the Engineer who was known to traffic in work involving experiments that possibly involved the merging of flesh with machines. But back to the main story, Lady Mechanika’s investigations have now led her to a band of gypsies and their traveling circus show who do not seem especially welcoming of trespassers and the like. Will Lady Mechanika finally discover the answers she is searching for?

First of all, I will say this Benitez’s artwork is absolutely AMAZING! I even brought an art print of Lady Mechanika at last year’s Long Beach Comic-Con. His art style reminds me very much of Michael Turner‘s Fathom, so if you’re a fan of that you will be of Lady Mechanika. His work is so visually awesome that I’m hoping somewhere down the line he’ll release a Lady Mechanika themed artbook that I can add to my collection. My only complaint about the series is how dialogue heavy it is. I would almost not even categorize the series as a comic book but more like a visual novel. But overall I would say keep an eye on Lady Mechanika and her adventures as we learn more about her past and her future.

Grade: A-

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