SDCC 2011: Interview with Kevin Michael Richardson on American Dad and More

Again the craziness of Comic-Con came down on me and resulted in me arriving late to an interview I was excited to do. Better late than never, and I was able to get to talk to this awesome voice actor who definitely fits his role as the crazy principal in American Dad.

If you have been under a rock for the last few years, Kevin Micheal Richardson plays the crazy, but cool Principal Lewis in American Dad. That’s not all, he is one of the few voice actors that appears in all of Seth MacFarlane’s animation block. American Dad has him voice Principal Lewis and other voices. In the Cleveland Show he voices Cleveland Brown Jr. and Lester Krinklesac. In Family Guy he does various voices including Bill Cosby, which has led to a YouTube remix. Richardson has done voices in cartoons and video games for nearly 12 years.

Kevin. like many other voice actors. got his start by taking theater and stage classes, which is a good thing for people, especially if they want to get into the business of voice acting. Kevin talked about his passion and enjoyment about his career, and his favorite part of the job is the enjoyment of fans enjoying his work.

Going back we talked a bit about some of his old work that included Lilo and Stitch, where he voiced Captain Gantu, and even did the voice for Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, as well as Sebastian in Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2. Next we talked about ThunderCats, and landing the role of the new Panthro, which he felt honored, he grew up watching the cartoon in his younger days. I asked him if he thought about trying out for Lion-O and joked about maybe trying out for Mumm-Ra or even Cheetara.

He also played the Joker in “The Batman” in 2004. We talked about how it was like following Mark Hamill’s version of Joker in the animated series. Kevin was glad to play such a crazy role adding a new spin on the crazy killer clown.

Finally time was running short but we talked about how it is for him to step from cartoons to video games, seeing as he is in a lot of video games like all the Star Wars titles in the Old Republic series, the Kingdom Heart series, and even Halo 2. This easily proved he was a nerd who enjoys doing all the roles and he enjoys every single moment.

Check out some of his highlight videos below.

Kanye West vs. Cleveland Jr.

Kevin Michael Richardson impersonating The Sopranos’ James Gandolfini


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