‘Captain America: Super Soldier’ Review (Xbox 360)

For a game that’s being rushed to coincide with the release of Marvel’s Captain America: The First Avenger, the game isn’t that bad. Then again, I wasn’t expecting an awesome experience. The one thing that saved this game from being a coaster is that the gameplay is similar to Arkham Asylum.

Captain America: Super Soldier does things differently when it comes to adapting a movie into a video game. Instead of copying the story from the movie, the game creates another alternate story. The story is very simple; rescue the prisoners of war and stop the bad guys from achieving victory using other forms of advanced technology. Instead of fighting the Red Skull, Captain America’s main antagonist, you’ll fight other bosses like Madame Hydra. New enemies are introduced into the game that resembles telekinetic freak shows and many armored soldiers.

The graphics for the game looks good, but not great. The environment most of the time looks very cheap. Chris Evans and the other actors do lend in their voices, but not their faces, so you’ll get a weird feeling when staring at them. They sound like them, but they sure as hell do not look like them. Graphically, the thing that stood out for me was Cap’s shield. It’s shiny and metallic, which adds weight to its power.

The gameplay, like I said, is heavily inspired by Batman: Arkham Asylum. It doesn’t do it well like Batman, but it’s close enough. Press the attack button and Cap will perform different combos against enemies. He can attack different enemies while moving the left analog stick towards a nearby enemy. Then there’s the counter button, which you press when an indicator lets you know that an enemy is about to strike. You also have the shield button, which can help you block from attacks and deflect bullets. Press the shield button at the right moment when a soldier with a gun shoots and you’ll be able to bounce the bullet back towards the poor guy, killing him. You also have a button for dodging (which can dodge pretty much everything). Instead of bullets or batarangs, the shield acts as your projectile. You can throw your shield in the middle of attacking, or you can aim with the left trigger and throw with your right trigger. The shield is very dangerous. There’s also a dedicated grab button, which is useful for enemies who is immune to your attack button.

The combat is fun when dealing with a bunch of bad guys, but it can get repetitive after a while, especially near the end, when you’re being confronted by a boss, heavily armored enemies, and regular enemies. The fight with Madam Hydra for me proved very challenging.

Between fighting, you’ll encounter easy puzzles and easier platforming. With the puzzles, you’ll encounter a door mechanism where you’ll have to match two numbers together to open a door, or connecting wires together to blow shit up. Platforming is even easier as a button icon will prompt up and all you have to do is keep tapping the dodge/jump button.

The game has potential, but in the end feels very generic. You can thank the dull enemies, uninspiring environments and the plot for that. This game is at best a rental and only fans of Captain America would enjoy it. Everyone else, stay clear of Cap’s shield and wait for the real comic book video game coming this October.

Grade: C

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