Nintendo Video Service for 3DS Busts Out the College Humor

Wait, what? Are you telling me that Nintendo, the company who took the blood out of my precious Mortal Kombat on SNES, is allowing that Youtube video group to dirty up my 3DS? Yes, that’s absolutely correct. In addition to that, Blue Man Group will be providing their own brand of comedy in glorious glasses-free 3D. You want more? Feel free to down a Mountain Dew while watching newly available extreme sports videos on your 3DS in 3D while riding a sharktopus (sharktopus riding optional, Mountain Dew downing mandatory).

If you don’t have a 3DS yet, well, with this new video service, and the great new price of $169.99 starting on August 12th, there are a lot less reasons to say no.

Here’s the video from the musical group, “OK Go”, that’s currently available on the 3DS. If you’d like to see it in it’s non-2D form, you know what to do. Yes, cross your eyes.

Oh, and regarding the picture, I’ll have mine in 3D, thanks.

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