SDCC 2011: Cosplay Girls Days 3 and 4 Gallery

With the last two days left of the con, the weekend came and went, but Day three was one of our busiest days. With an appointment with some of the cast from Ghost Adventures and a round table Q&A session with the cast, crew, and creator of The Walking Dead. Definitely keep an eye out for those interviews, as they will be up soon. On Day Four, the cosplayers were not as much as the other days. This may be due to the fact that some are still trying to wake up from attending lots of parties on Saturday, just did not feel like cosplaying, or we were just in the wrong location. Any and all of those situations could be the reason why we did not see many cosplayers on Day Four. Well, enough explanations, on to the gallery.

SDCC 2011: Cosplay Girls Day 1 Gallery

SDCC 2011: Cosplay Girls Day 2 Gallery


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