Cyrax and Sektor’s Mortal Kombat Legacy Final Episode Is Here

After a very long wait (okay about a month), the final episode of the Mortal Kombat Legacy webseries, directed by Kevin Tancharoen, is here. This is the episode where we see our favorite ninja cyborgs, Sekctor and Cyrax. They are tested to see if they are qualified to be in the program to be turned into a cyborg for the grandmaster. When you have a ninja clan grandmaster teaming up with scientists, you know shit’s going to go down.

Cyrax is played by Shane Warren Jones and Sektor by Peter Shinkoda. It’s nice to see that Kano is involved in the project, having more characters be involved with the storyline. Notice how Kano’s eyes are still normal, meaning that this program was in effect before Jax knocked the eye out of Kano.

Source: Machinima

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