Konami TCG: Yu-Gi-Oh! and Super Heat

Starting with the Gaming for Konami, at a separate area to avoid the long lines, we made the switch to the Konami booth for Trading card game info.

Konami’s booth at San Diego Comic-Con was split between Konami’s video games and the trading card area, with a nice little Konami store with MGS collectables, Love Plus statues, and plenty of Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards.

No need for an introduction, we are only 2 weeks away from the sneak peek. Covering the only game section earlier, we took a look at the upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh! card releases that ranges from next month to November, starting with:


Hidden Arsenal Limited Edition, will include one pack of Hidden Arsenal 1, one pack of Hidden Arsenal 2, and one pack of Hidden Arsenal 3, and neither Naturia Pineapple or XX Saber Emmersblade is one of the 2 special cards.

Photon Shockwave will be next set after Generation Force and will feature some cards that will really change the game, September release date.

Wave 1 tins are Wind-Up Zenimaster and Number 17. These are two tins that fans want since it includes Pot of Duality, Archlord Kristya and E Hero Gaia for each tin. With 2 more cards in each set to be announced. Konami confirmed a 2nd set which will be released in October; featuring Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon and Number 10. But kept us in the dark about the cards inside. Gates of the Underworld will also be released in October, which features some powerful Dark World monsters.


Legendary Collection 2 takes many of the best cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX series and lets players collect them in a new way. The set will include 266 total cards and will come in 5 packs in each folder and each pack contains 1 secret, 1 Ultra, 1 Super, 1 rare, and 5 common cards per set. Lastly each set contains 10 Ultra cards with 3 of the secondary God cards for $29.99.

Hidden Arsenal 5 will feature 60 cards. So you ask how with HA5 only having 60 cards and mixed in them are reprints and magic cards? Well the 2nd half of Hidden Arsenal 5 will be released in August. So currently version 5A is in current Duel Terminals and in August 5B will be out leading into Hidden Arsenal 5 being released in Winter.

That covers all the Yu-Gi-Oh! stuff Konami had, but it wasn’t over, as a new card game was announced titled “Super Heat”.

It was my first time hearing of the game, it had an interesting “kick” so to speak, teaming up skateboarding and trading card games. At first I was concerned about the game and hoping it wouldn’t be anything weird like finger skateboarding.

It was very easy to pick up the basics and I won my first two games. It was probably because the guy teaching me was taking it easy and not using certain abilities the game offers. The rules are simple, you start with a character card (choosing one out of 30) and each character (based on a professional skateboarder) has an ability you can use. Your goal is to have a trick line with the highest score.

While still a newbie to the game, it seems like fun and can catch some skaters attention. The game will even be played at the X Games in a week, so after some more experience, I can give it a full review.



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