SDCC 2011 – The Onsite Pre-Registration Fiasco for 2012 Passes

Douglas Pavilion Pre-Reg Line in its entirety. Line was closed off already at this time.

It is 7:00 am on the Friday of Comic-Con 2011 and I am sitting on the carpeted floor of the Hyatt Douglas Pavillion. Preregistration last year was easy enough, as you pick up your badge you can proceed to another line to pre-reg for the next year’s Comic-Con. This year is not so convenient. When I told my cohorts that I would be waking up at 4:00am to pre-reg for Comic-Con 2012, I was dubbed a crazy man; well, myself and 1000 of my other friends who got into the pre-reg line as early as 7pm the night before.

If you want to avoid the Online Pre-reg Fiasco (I will not even open that Pandora’s Box), you must step into this Onsite Pre-reg Fiasco. Registering onsite for next year seems to be the only way to guarantee you’ll secure a ticket for the next. As with everything else Comic-Con, show up EARRRRRLLLYY.

Here are the facts:

  • Allocated Pre-Reg Tickets to be sold everyday of Comic-Con. As I type this, it was announced that 4 Day with Preview is half way sold and I haven’t even moved yet.
  • Preregistration opens 8:00 am each day. Line forms the night before. Safe time to show up? Hard to say, although I showed up at 4:15 am and am in the front 2/5’s of the line.
  • Choice of 1 or 2 tickets when entering the indoor portion of the Hyatt. 2 purchases allowed per person (Start taking offers from your friends).
  • Must hold a valid badge for the day, but able to purchase any Pre-Reg pass for next year.
  • Cash and Credit accepted. No Discover.

Recent News:

  • 7/22/11 7:29am – Line for 2012 pre-reg is at capacity. Waiting in line past the “end of line” person in place is at your own risk.

4:30am - Line extended outside all the way into Seaport Village's Boat Peninsula.

You must have this card per Pre-Reg Badge you plan to buy.


Price list for Comic-Con 2012. Nearly a 70% increase from last year for 4 Day with Preview Night.

These monitors show the sell out risk per badge per Pre-Reg Day.

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