SDCC 2011: Cosplay Girls Day 1 Gallery

Today was the official start of San Diego Comic-Con, and with that came long lines for both next year’s pre-registration and today’s badge pick up. Lines were so long that the badge pick up stretched all the way to the end of the marina and the badge pre-registration stretch all the way to Joe’s Crab Shack, maybe longer. But that will be covered on tomorrow’s article. For now here are San Diego Comic-Con’s Day 1 Cosplay Girls. I would just like to point out Power Girl is officially autographed by the one and only Adam Hughes. I love Adam Hughes’ Power Girl and to have it brought to life, that is just amazing. Power Girl says that the signature is none other than Adam Hughes himself. It’s no rub-on tattoo or self writing.

SDCC 2011: Cosplay Girls Day 2 Gallery

SDCC 2011: Cosplay Girls Days 3-4 Gallery

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