“Devil’s Playground and House of Blues Presents: Comic Book Vixens Burlesque Show” Review

comic book vixens burlesque show at house of bluesI feel that I am the best writer on staff to review this, not because of my admirable writing skills, but by the pure essence of who I am: a gay male ex-dancer. Yes, there, I said it. Not to say that no one else here would be capable of unbiased writing and such, but let’s face it- men looking at women, will be men looking at women.

Devil’s Playground came into conception a few years ago, with Courtney Cruz as the founder and heading the mastery behind the production. She told me in an interview (which we will post shortly) that growing up, she’s always been a fan of anime and comic books, and since finding her love for burlesque, she wanted something different. She wanted to show the world a new kind of entertainment, because she was bored with traditional burlesque (which she still says is a great form of art, but there’s just so many groups out there doing the same things). So to separate herself from the rest of the crowd, she decided to combine the two things she loved the most: dance performance and nerd culture. And my oh my did that make for an interesting show!

We only found out about this group a few days before this show, when a friend of our editor mentioned it to us. We were intrigued, got our passes, and walked into what was surprisingly a very well-produced show. The show opened with a band named Sassafras, appropriately wearing superhero t-shirts. I was not a big fan of their music (heavy rock), but it sure was loud and got the crowd excited. Check them out; you might like them.

The only thing that bugged me in the entire show was the amount of time it took to break down the band’s equipment and set up for the burlesque show. We were standing for probably another 30 minutes after the band finished, so my feet started hurting, I was getting thirsty, but I didn’t want to leave my spot, and so on. But once the curtains open, all of that went away.

Tank Girl

Tank Girl

I was happy that the whole show wasn’t just a collection of women dressing down for you, but it had a (quasi) story line. As if the women themselves didn’t keep you interested, they had a character who acted as the emcee, with his funny German accent and good audience interaction.

To spare the post from becoming too long, I won’t talk about every single performance. But what I liked about the entire performance is not only did they keep with a theme, and not only did each set move nicely into the next, each girl had a unique personality. Every girl brought something different to the table, and each girl delivered well what she brought. You had your punk-rock chic (the Baroness), your classic burlesque and fun red-head (Poison Ivy), your athletic, flexible, sexy seductress (Harley Quinn), and that is only to name a few.

Speaking with Courtney Cruz after the show, she told me that each girl had direct control over the production of their own set. That was actually really cool to hear. It’s nice to know that not only is there one overall vision of the show, but there’s a lot of room for individuality between all the girls. Plus, as one of the girls told me, that not every show is the same. It keeps the regulars and fan-kids interested and coming back for more.

And now a little bit about the production of the show- really great. A lot of really cool props, great use of the stage with environment pieces, and fun costumes really made it worth the $20 to watch the show. Normally for any live show, that ticket price is normally reserved for low-production value shows, like improv. From what I found out talking with some of the girls, most of them made their own costumes. Again, another touch of personality and uniqueness.

All in all, it was a great show to watch, and well worth your money and time. Every girl was beautiful in their own right, and every minute of a girl on stage was exciting.

To view more pictures from the show, check out this post with tons of great images.



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