Win a Limited Edition $250 Harry Potter Chess Set!

Do you have an extensive collection of Harry Potter Memorabilia? Have you read every single book three times over? Do you have a Harry Potter themed Tattoo? Own a wand? Own an owl? Then this contest is just for you! In celebration of the final film being released, Nerd Reactor is searching for the biggest Harry Potter fan to win a limited edition Harry Potter Chess Set AND an exact replica of Hermione’s Time Turner!

The Harry Potter Chess Collection includes:

  • 32 Authentic Replica Chess Pieces, each with a thrilling special effect
  • 2 Magic Wands that actually guide your Rooks on the board – as if by magic!
  • 1 Light Up Chess Board to illuminate your progress in the game
  • 32 Collector’s Manuals with expert advice and strategies
  • 1 Authentic Recreation of Hermione’s Time-TurnerTM
  • Signed Certificate of Authenticity, proving the chess set is an authentic replica from “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

So what do you have to do to win? Tell us why you are the one single fan who deserves to win this amazing chess set! Entries should be exceptional. You can include pictures, video, art work, anything to show how big a fan of Harry Potter you are! You can also just include a description on why you think you deserve to win more than anyone else. If you are not an obsessive fan then you can still have a chance to win!

The Contest will run from July 16th through August 5th 12:59 PST. Email us at [email protected] with the subject line I’M THE BIGGEST POTTER NERD! We will choose a winner shortly after the end date. You can also purchase the chess set (Which is available in super limited quantities!) at TIMELIFE.COM/HPCHESS. if you can’t wait for the contest to be over. Good luck wizards!

Check out the video below!

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