Comic Spotlight: Green Lanterns #67

The big ‘War of the Green Lantern’ storyline comes to an epic conclusion with Green Lantern #67, and it will have a massive impact across the DC universe. Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, and John Stewart make their final stand against the rogue Guardian Krona and his enslaved emotional entities. And loremaster of the green ring Geoff Johns packs a few surprises in this issue of Green Lantern that shocked even this fanboy.


 Well that’s one way of getting rid of a nasty case of heart burn.

I’ll semi-reveal two of the surprises as I strongly encourage any Green Lantern fans out there to pick up this issue. One of the Green Lanterns of Sector 2814 (Earth) will lose their ring and no longer be a Green Lantern and an ex-member of the Green Lantern Corps will once again don the green, which will lead off into the DC reboot coming up this fall. I seriously want to say more, but trust me on this and pick up issue #67.

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