Devil May Cry 10th Anniversary Art Contest may Hint at a Devil May Cry Game?

So while Capcom has Ninja Theory working on the heavily scrutinized DmC, there may be more to this than thought of. Yesterday Capcom-unity announced the Devil May Cry 10th Anniversary Art Contest, which has fans submit fanart of their favorite Devil May Cry character or scene, but the big surprise is the wording for the winners.

“The winners of the competition will receive a place in history when their artwork is featured in a new, to be announced Capcom game! (plus a copy of said secret game when upon its release!)”

This could mean something for the much rumored HD version remakes of the first 3 DMC games for the next gen systems, maybe another Devil May Cry game in some form, or just a random game Capcom has to announce that will use the fan art. We can only imagine right now and hope for the best, since I would prefer to see the Devil May Cry we know and love and not a reboot.

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