The Full ‘BioShock Infinite’ 14-Minute Demo with Ken Levine

Here’s an interview with Ken Levine and the E3 2011 demo for BioShock Infinite. Watch him as Geoff Keighley interviews him about the sequel to one of the most immersive games this generation. Narratives will talk on a different approach; for example, instead of listening to just audio logs, the game will immerse you with more NPC characters interacting with you, especially your partner, Elizabeth. It’s interesting to see Ken being inspired by other video games like Modern Warfare’s AC-130 level and Halo’s option of whether you want to ride a vehicle or not. Some of the influences can be seen using the skyline in the game.

BioShock Infinite comes out in 2012.

Oh my, a real life Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite… hello nurse!

Source: Gametrailers

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