PMX 2011 Heads Back to Hilton Los Angeles Airport

It looks like the fans have spoken, and PMX 2011 will be ditching the Hilton Pasadena Hotel and will be going back to the Hilton Los Angeles Airport this Verteran’s Day weekend, November 11-13, 2011. The Pasadena Convention Center wasn’t all bad, but it seems that the LAX Hilton was a just a better choice overall.

Having been to both, I would say that the Hilton Pasadena grew on me, but it was just one story and felt more packed (which I think is a good thing).

And here’s the detail on hotels and pre-registration:

We will be updating the PMX website throughout July, but here’s a quick preview: the hotel is providing discounted rooms starting at $99/night and parking vouchers for $9/day self parking, many popular programs are returning, and we will have more guest announcements.

Pre-registration for the full 3-day weekend is $30 until August 5th, but mailing list members can get an extra $5/person off until the end of July by using the coupon code “Q54UE” (click the coupon code link on the first page of web registration before you enter anyone in).

Source: PMX

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