Forward with Ford – Music Unlimited, PS VITA and Anime

Sony introduced its new music system back in January 2011. Its name was Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity.  It gave owners of Sony products like PS3s, PSPs, and android mobile phones or tablets the ability to stream music, and transfer music from your portable devices to create your own unique experience.  At the Forward with Ford event, Sony & Qriocity would be working with the manufacturer as music takes a bigger step on stage in your car with Sync, and many other devices.

We had the chance to meet with Vice President and General Manager Micheal Aragon, who handles Global Digital Video and Music Services to ask a few questions. He was kind enough to give us some time during Fords music event, and with the anime conventions right around the corner, I thought I’d question him on gaming, video, and music which he was more than kind enough to answer.

Nerd Reactor: Tell me about Qriocity first and its impact since the tragic “downtime”.

Micheal Aragon: While the hack was only a month ago, Sony really wanted to get Music Unlimited out to the public to enjoy the music experience offered even further than it had ever done before. Since then, it has extended its services.

NR: I have to ask about the PS VITA, which I perceived to be the most impressive showcased item at E3, How will Music Unlimited would be incorporated into it?

MA.: It will be an experience you would enjoy seeing as the team is working to make the Music Unlimited an experience that will make great use of VITA’s capabilities.

NR: With the anime Expo and such only a week away, can we expect to see even more popular animes on the PSN?

MA: With the California anime conventions happening on 4th of July weekend, Sony has dozens of animes on the PSN store for fans, and we can expect to see more as time passes by. Anime fans can be delighted to see more series being released in time with alongside more Gundam UC.

So if you have never checked it out, you can easily get a free 180-day trial to see if it is for you. Sit back in your chair, choose the type of music you would like to stream and enjoy.

(update) for a special birthday surprise Sony has added an extra 30 days of PSN PLUS for its member, so enjoy it along with your Qriocity, and expect more to come.

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