Warner Brothers Shoots Down Green Lantern Sequel Rumors

Contradicting earlier reports made by The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Brothers is not making a 2nd Green Lantern film. A rep from the movie studio contacted the website and the article has since been changed. The studio is reluctant to move foreword with the second film because of how poorly Green Lantern is currently doing at the box office.  THR reports that the film alone cost over $200 million and Warner Bros. spent about another $200 million on advertising. According to Box Office Mojo, the film has currently raked in $120,517,551 Worldwide and it does not look like the film will make enough to cover cost.

Warner Bros. had so much riding on Green Lantern, that it’s really hard to say if they will move forword with another or how this will affect their “big plans” for the DC Universe.

Do you think they should make a second Green Lantern movie and while your thinking about that, check out our review of the Green Lantern:

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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