George Hotz: PS3 Hacker & iPhone Jailbreaker Hired at Facebook

I am sure his face doesn't look this gloomy right now.

Being Sony’s number one enemy and now landing a job with Facebook, I wonder what’s going through his mind? “Am I the new role model of doing wrong, but rewarded well?” “Was it so bad that I caused trouble for a company who just couldn’t handle me?” “Did anyone else think that Justin Timberlake did an amazing performance in The Social Network?”

Well maybe all these questions will be answered. He is now working for the number one social network on the planet, so why wouldn’t he have the time to publicize all his emotional nuances to the masses? Weather or not you think he is an amazing guy, a reckless piece of keyboard crumb, or what National Public Radio punned as “hacktivest”, this man is now probably leading the way in protecting your identity on Facebook. If in the next couple of months we have to push the Windows/Apple key while simultaneously toggling the power button to update services on Facebook, we will all know who started that idea.

Check out the video bellow where George, ‘Geohot’, is working.


Source: Tech Unwrapped

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