Ninja Gaiden 3 – No More Sigma this Time

Ryu Hayabusa is back in the 3rd installment of the Ninja Gaiden Series (not to be confused with the original series).

The game focuses on an even more cursed Ryu Hayabusa after the events in the 2nd game; Ryu is contacted by the Japanese Self-Defense Force for help and heads to London.

This time the game will be released simultaneously for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, which is a first since all previous titles were released on Xbox 360 and released roughly a year later under the title “Ninja Gaiden Sigma” which added or took away from the game. This is also the first Ninja Gaiden title not worked on by Tomonobu Itagaki, who left after Ninja Gaiden 2. So in his place leading the games development is Yosuke Hayashi who was in charge of porting the previous titles to PlayStation 3.

Team Ninja brings back the combo style we have all grown to enjoy, Ryu equipped with the Dragon sword returns with stylish killing combos including the deadly Inazuma drop and guillotine grab, anyone who has played NG 1 and 2 can easily remember the button combos since they haven’t changed. Ryu also has some new abilities in the game; first a slide system has been added to allow Ryu to get slider under cars and enemies, and also a kunai climbing ability to scale walls having you press button trigger buttons in sequence, and lastly Ryu will also have in battle and out of battle action sequences ala Resident Evil 4 which a lot of games have been incorporating.

The game takes what you enjoyed and that is killing your opponents and only adds to it, one thing I did notice was the enemies weren’t just dying or blowing up but instead suffering as you cut them or incapacitate them. Orbs were completely removed from the game as Yosuke Hayashi wanted the game to have a more realistic feels, and the save points have been removed instead being replaced by a hawk that heals you and allows you to save.

Weapons wise was limited in the demo but it was announced Ryu will be getting a full arsenal of weapons in the game including new and old. Upgrading the weapons will be different as the story will play a part or allowed at certain points of the game. Ryu’s charge techniques and super focus combo will be activated when Ryu’s arm begins glowing by killing enough enemies.

While the game is not near completion the E3 Demo was amazing, the AI was smart and the boss battle in the demo was what you would expect from a Heavily Armored Walking Tank, needing to attack a specific spot to weaken the armor and slice of the joints, and improves on the visuals making it one deadly game.

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