Comic Spotlight: ‘Zombie Tramp’ – I’d Let Her Bite Me Any Day

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that the Zombie Tramp cover spoke to me, because it definitely did. I’m a sucker when it comes to taking something creepy and making it all sexy; for example, the Silent Hill nurses. It was when I saw the giant Zombie Tramp standee at the Long Beach Comic Con that I had to check out the booth. Dan Mendoza is the creator/artist of Zombie Tramp and he’s definitely got a sexy and cartoony style that I like. His female characters have a very curvacious body, thin waist, wide child-bearing hips, big breasts, sexy lips and hot poses.

It’s nice to have eye candy and all, but having a fun time reading it is icing on the cake. The story follows our zombie gal Janey, before she became a zombie. She’s a call girl for the celebrities, and her life in the fast lane is about to turn upside down when she gets turned into a zombie. The graphic novel sets up the story of a seedy Hollywood, where hookers are roaming the streets and crooked cops take advantages of the hookers. The whole area soon gets infested with zombies, thanks to an escaped African voodoo queen. The comic gives us gore, blood, dismemberments, nudity, scantily clad clothing and a deadly cop with a spider tattoo on his left cheek. If you like a fun zombie tale with a sexy twist, definitely check out Zombie Tramp.

Zombie Tramp debuted in November 2010 and is being published by Super Real Graphics. Check out the link below for more info on Zombie Tramp and Dan Mendoza’s work. and

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