Video Games ARE Good for You

This kind of thinking is not new to any geeks, nerds, or gamers out there. But if you have a job this kind of thing is usually frowned upon unless you’re in the industry. If you’re not, then it really is hard to convince your co-workers and bosses that you are actually doing some good by playing video games. Thanks to PCWorld there is proof of this. Games today do more than just stimulate the senses but they also make you think on your feet, make split second decisions, and be able to cooperate with people of different backgrounds.

Some video games you play the game can teach you to make decisions based on the information you have or the lack there of. Other video games, such as MMORPGs, help you collaborate with people of different nationalities and personalities. All of which you will see in the working world. Video games can also expand your knowledge in real world solving abilities. Games now tend to use real life settings as part of the problem solving solutions.

And now that the PSN is back up go out there and amplify your skills for the working world.


Source PCWorld

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