The Dark Knight Rises Raises the Bar with $250 Million

Yeah, that’s right. The budget for The Dark Knight Rises is a whopping $250 million, according to the LA Times. Batman Begins had a budget of $150 million and The Dark Knight Rises had a budget of $185 million. Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. will likely get a 50/50 partnership like they did with The Dark Knight. With $65 million more than the last film, the third Nolan film should be epic. Maybe they can introduce magical elements now, like the Lazarus Pit? Well, I hope that Christopher Nolan can go really crazy with his last Batman movie, since I do want to see Bane be huge. I also want to see Anne Hathaway wear the sexiest, most expensive Catwoman outfit known to man.

And with that, I bring you this high budget Batman short film. This would make Adam West proud.

Source: LA Times

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