Hatsune Miku+Toyota team up for new US Promotion

At first I thought this was some fancy fan commercial. Then I saw the uploader was ToyotaUSA(Toyota’s Official US Division). It seems Toyota has brought over the spunky twintail virtual idol stateside to promote their new 2011 Corolla. Footage of Miku from her 39 days of Giving concert as also featured in the promo. What’s even interesting is they opt to keep the song “The World is Mine” in its original Japanese track. While it is an amazing song, I can’t help, but think the average American reaction will be “another one of those kooky Japanese things”.

On the official site, there is an image of Miku next to a Corolla. Those familiar to Miku will recognize that her pose is the same as artist Tony Taka’s illustration from Comiket 77. The redone design looks much more realistic and darker. I suppose they couldn’t keep everything in its original form. Personally, If Toyota wanted to try something new, their Scion brand is a much more appropriate place for “cool and hip” things. Ah well, let’s see how far this will go!


This is Tony Taka's Original Design.


Redesigned Miku, sporting a more realistic look

Miku is no stranger to endorsements though. In past years, Crypton Future Media and Good Smile Company has sponsored teams in the Super GT competition with Miku before.

Perhaps Miku is just another step closer to World Domination?


See the Toyota+Miku web page here.

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