First Official Avengers Set Pic

Marvel has released the first official set pic from the Avengers set, with principal photography starting yesterday, April 25th. Not much to see here, other than empty seats reserved for

Mortak Kombat: Legacy Episode 3 – Johnny Cage

Now here’s the third Mortal Kombat: Legacy web series episode featuring Matt Mullins as Johnny Cage. The intro is pretty cool as it takes a different approach to telling the

Why “The Onion” Rocks My Nerdy World

Everyone has been asked or has asked “If you could have any superpower, what would it be?” Today, The Onion released an article written by Superman himself, detailing his answer

Saucy Japanese Game Catherine Gets 8 New Screenshots

Atlus has released 8 new screenshots for Catherine, the erotic-horror Japanese game. It surprised a lot of people when they found out that the core gameplay was mostly puzzle based.

Mass Effect 3 Gets 2 New Screenshots

BioWare has blessed us with 2 brand-spanking new screenshots for Mass Effect 3. I’m pretty excited to experience the conclusion to one of the best sci-fi RPG/FPS games, if not

GTA V is a Launch Title for the Wii 2?

Chalk this up as one of the many rumors swirling around the Wii successor. The rumor going around is that Rockstar Games may be bringing its multimillion dollar franchise to

Exclusive: Ed Boon Responds to Street Fighter’s Ono-san’s Diss on Mortal Kombat

Here’s our Nerd Reactor video interview with Ed Boon at the Mortal Kombat: Legacy premiere party. We ask Ed about his favorite Mortal Kombat: Legacy episode, which he happens to

Exclusive: Mortal Kombat: Legacy’s Matt Mullins Talks Johnny Cage and Why He’s Such a Badass

Check out our Nerd Reactor video interview below as Matt Mullins talks about Johnny Cage and why he’s so cool. Also, he mentions that there will be a surprise character

Exclusive: Ian Anthony Dale on Scorpion in Mortal Kombat: Legacy Web Series

Hey guys, John Spartan here. So here’s a video interview I did with Ian Anthony Dale, who plays Scorpion in the Mortal Kombat: Legacy web series. Ian talks a bit

Exclusive: Mortal Kombat: Legacy Director Kevin Tancharoen Talks About His Fave Episode

Nerd Reactor’s John Spartan interviews Kevin Tancharoen and asks him what his favorite episode is and talks about the design choice for certain characters in the Mortal Kombat: Legacy web

Sony Announces Two New PlayStation Tablet Machines

At  recent conference, Sony announced that they will be putting out two tablet devices this coming Fall. Sony has today unveiled its two tablet devices that will be capable of

TOPANGA Super Street Fighter 4 AE.

Super street fighter 4 Arcade edition DLC is only a few months away. Many major tournament such as Evolution will be switching over to Arcade edition. This past weekend in

Is This The First Picture of The Wii 2?

There are a lot or rumors swirling around the internet about Nintendo’s next console. It was just announced today, the new system will be at this year’s E3 and will

Sony Walkman Revived!!

It looks like Sony is bringing back the Walkman. This is not your normal cassette-playing Walkman (and for those kids that don’t know cassettes are, ask your parents). In fact, it

Fujitsu Lifebook S761/C and Lifebook P771/C Shows Integrated Pico Projector

Have you ever wished that a company would build a PC or laptop with a projector? Well, it finally happened. A laptop has been created with a built-in projector. It

Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman, Ben Folds, and Damian Kulash Live on the Internet

Watch Amanda Palmer (The Dresden Dolls), Neil Gaiman (The Sandman and American Gods), Ben Folds (Ben Folds Five), and Damian Kulash (OK Go) collaborate live on the internet RIGHT NOW

POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold Red Carpet Premiere

Last week we here at Nerd Reactor were at the red carpet premiere of Morgan Spurlock‘s (Super Size Me) new documentary POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.  In

Law and Order: Criminal Intent Spoofs Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

According to TV Line the popular TV series Law and Order: Criminal Intent will be giving the $70 million musical disaster Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark its trademark treatment. The

Dwarf Actor Steps Down in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit

Actor Robert Kazinsky (EastEnders) was suppose to play Fili, the second youngest of the thirteen dwarves traveling with Bilbo Baggins as they try to stop Smaug, an intelligent and powerful

Little Sith Girl Sariah Gallego Interview

I’m pretty sure most of you out there have seen the video of the little girl pledging her eternal allegiance to the dark lord of the Sith, Darth Vader at Disneyland.  The video