We here at Nerd Reactor recently did an article of publishing company Tokyopop closing down their Los Angeles offices.  While this is sad news there is a silver lining to it.  They have recently announced that they will be hosting a ‘garage sale’ in LA around mid-May to clear out all the mangas, posters, and other sweet swag from their offices.  The where and when will be announced later on.


Tokyopop will also be offering fans an opportunity to get first dibs on the sale provided they’re in LA at the time or willing to travel.  Ten fans will be selected from their facebook page before May 1st.  To enter, fans must submit fan art, videos, costumes, or other media on their facebook page.  Winners will receive a goodie bag which must be picked up in person and will be able to participate in the private sale on May 4th.


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