Soul Calibur 5 Information Coming May 11th

Does your soul still burn for Soul Calibur? It appears that we may be in for some new information on Soul Calibur V, or whatever they’re going to call it. Daishi Odashima, the game director, hinted that he might have something to say about the series in mid-May. That was on April 24th, 2011.

Just recently a site popped up under Bandai-Namco’s name. It’s another one of those count-down sites, and it’s set to end on May 11th. Coincidence? I highly doubt it. Taking a quick look at the URL, we can see that it says, “beginning of the new chapter”. Does this mean Soul Calibur has big changes coming? Will they be as big as those found in the Street Fighter 3 series, which had only a few returning fighters?

Source: @Daishi_CALIBUR, Beginning of the new chapter
Via: Joystiq

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