Ryan Reynolds Says Green Lantern Will Have Star Wars-like Epic Journey

Green Lantern star Ryan Reynolds is pretty excited about this movie. How excited? Excited enough to mention that it’ll be kind of like Star Wars. Here’s what he had to say after checking out the art department.

“I wandered through the art department, and that’s what sold me, seeing this universe that’s created and the scale of it all. They’re taking the Green Lantern canon from the comics and they’re extending it out into this new medium. Our goal is to make the first superhero who really goes on a Star Wars kind of epic journey, and this mythology goes back a lot further than Star Wars.”

Ryan then talks about how the tone will be half dark and half light.

“Tone was the biggest concern going in and then it almost became a contagion, and it became the concern of everyone and with me just harping on it. And now I feel that it’s the most exciting discovery as we kept going. No, it’s not dark like Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies, but it isn’t very light like you saw some of the [1980s] Superman movies get. The character is somewhere in the middle. He’s a classic male. Han Solo, who was witty but not really funny, was one of the touchstones.”

Green Lantern hits theaters on June 17, 2011 with Martin Campbell directing.

Source: Movieweb

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