iOS RPG Chaos Rings Gets Prequel and Sequel

Last year, Square Enix decided to release a Japanese RPG game to the Apple app store. Released on the iOS devices, Chaos Rings is a turn-based dungeon crawler that was priced at a whopping 13 dollars last year. The original game features four teams of two character in grand arena battle.

The latest issue of Famitsu reports that Square Enix has announced a prequel, Chaos Rings Omega, and sequel, Chaos Ring 2. Chaos Rings Omega will go on sale next month, with Chaos Rings 2 being released at a later date. So far nothing hints at a change of formula for the prequel and the sequel. All we can hope for now is that both games will be updated to support the iPad 2 enhancements, so people will be able to look pass the shocking price tag and enjoy the game.

So far, details about these two games are extremely scarce. We can’t do much but to wait for further release of information from Square Enix.

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