Samuel L. Jackson’s Avengers Script Gets Leaked

Shortly after the first official Avengers set photo was released, it was just announced today that one of the scripts has been leaked and is up for sale.

U.K. website, Obbsessed with Film, was contacted by an anonymous source claiming to have an official daft titled “Group Hug.”  Grup Hug is the codename and well known production title for The Avengers. 

When asked for picture clarification to further negotiate terms, the anonymous source sent pictures confirming the script was property of Nick Fury himself, Samuel L. Jackson.

As tempting as the offer was, the website declined the offer, fearing the wrath of Disney and Marvel.

Still, a copy of The Avengers script is floating around and something tells me it won’t be before long that it ends up on the internet.

Source: Obsessed With Film

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