New Alienware Laptops M14x and M18x Announced

A girl pulling out the above pink laptop from her bag would automatically win my affection, much akin to riding a pink motorcycle. 😀

Many will agree that Alienware computers are among the flashiest and sleekest gaming PC devices (just ask the girl next to me at Starbucks who noticed my M11x and called it a “conversation starter”). Alienware just announced 2 new laptops to add to their lineup, the M14x and the M18x. Alienware’s current laptop line includes the M11x, M15x, and M17x. The numeric in the model roughly suggests its LCD size.

The Alienware M18x will be marketed as the ultimate desktop replacement laptop. It features a massive 18.4″ FHD WLED LCD fed by a dual GPU configuration. Strange is that both AMD and Nvidia will have its offerings in this laptop, so we’ll all stay tuned to see which. Those who buy this laptop will automatically lay claim to the 4 Ghz barrier that most overclockers lust after, as the M18x will offer a factory overclocked Intel Core i7 Extreme. Newer options include Wireless HD connectivity and HDMI In (yep, you heard that right….go ahead and connect your PS3 to this bad boy). The price is yet TBD, but keep in mind that the M18x is meant for those gamers who expect no compromise from their gaming laptops, and most importantly have strong backs to lug this thing around. Go ahead and price that in your heads.

As a self-proclaimed gamer-on-the-go, the Alienware M14x really hits the sweet spot in terms of power and portability. It is already listed on the Alienware website, so you can spec it out yourselves. The weight on this thing is around 7 lbs, which is a bit on the heavy side compared to other 14 inch laptops. The M14x is powered by your choice of Intel Core i7 processors, but most importantly the GPU is an Nvidia GT555M which laptop enthusiasts tout as middle-ish on the portable GPU spectrum. The Nvidia GTX 400-m line is still the king of Nvidia’s portable GPU’s, but typically require larger bodied laptops. The M14x starts at $1200, but the dream config would cost in the $2000’s. With that stated, someone needs to tell my parents that college will have to wait for another year!




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