iPad Gets Exclusive Portal 2 Making Of

So, you’ve beaten the game and mastered the co-op mode. What next? Well, for starters you could learn all kinds of interesting facts about Portal 2, the game that is sure to be one of 2011’s best. For example, are you aware that there was a secret Portal prequel in the works? You can learn the secrets of this prequel, check out some artwork, and discover the process of the creation of Portal 2 in “The Final Hours of Portal 2”, by Geoff Keighley.

Geoff learns that "full access" does not include Gabe's bathroom.

Geoff Keighley had full access to Valve’s headquarters over a three year period to create this making of (jealous? me too). It contains a titanic 15,000 words, and has tons of behind-the-scenes pictures including a 360 degree panorama view of Valve’s office and design labs. Pretending that you’re friends with Gabe Newell now takes slightly less creativity, but all of the previous delusion.
There’s an interactive Wheatley puppet that I can almost guarantee you will question where your fingers are placed.
Apparently Valve did an experimental Two Bots, One Wrench after Half Life 2: Episode 2, and you can even see video of it.
Here’s an example of what to expect. Squint really hard:


A conference room named "Fish Bowl"? What's that all about?

The Final Hours of Portal 2” is packed full of content and is out now on iPad for the low price of $1.99. It requires iOS 3.2.2 or later.
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