New Season of Doctor Who this Saturday and Comics!

Fans of the Doctor and his little blue box which seems bigger on the inside than on the outside will be gathered around their tellys this Saturday for the new season of Doctor Who with Matt Smith as the bow clad Eleventh Doctor.  It looks like the premiere episode will have the good Doctor arriving to the White House due to a summons from Tricky Dick himself, President Nixon to save a terrified little girl.




But that’s not all!  Comic book publishers IDW have a few surprises up their sleeves for the Eleventh Doctor’s recently relaunched comic book series.  Writer Tony Lee (Fables) and artist Mark Buckingham (Miracleman) will be teaming up to pen May’s issue of Doctor Who #5 about great moments in football (soccer) history.  Then regular artist Matthew Dow Smith (Hellboy: Box Full of Evil) will be returning for a three issue arc which will take the Doctor through many eras in history and worlds.


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