Marijuanaman – Ziggy Marley’s Graphic Novel Debut

Five-time Grammy Award winner Ziggy Marley, will be debuting his very first graphic novel/comic book this week. The comic is called Marijuanaman and is being published by Image Comics. The character itself was originally created by Ziggy himself. Ziggy says that “MARIJUANAMAN represents the hope of the future… the hope that we will utilize all of the power that the universe has given us to save our planet.” He also goes on to state that this isn’t the comic that everyone thinks it will be. Apparently the story itself is about an alien who is trying to help his home planet as they are in need of THC. He crash lands his bong spaceship on Earth and teams up with some freedom fighters aka potheads. Marijuanaman then goes on a mission to stop the destruction of our planet’s weed from an evil corporation that goes by the name of Pharma-Con. Marijuanaman must battle againse Pharma-Con’s henchmen as well as a robotic-biker assassin called Cash Money. I wish I could say I was making this up and as much as this sounds like a dream I had, it is reality and this is coming out. The graphic novel will be available in hardcover for $24.99 and will debut on 04/20/2011.

Check out the Marijuanaman Official Site.



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