How to Make Your Green Lantern Costume Even Better

With June 17 looming in the corners of our calendars, The Green Lantern premier will sure attract fans in their green costumes. Will you be going as him?

Sexy Green Lantern

Regardless of what version of the hero you decide to design your outfit to be, there are a lot of images and how-to’s online that help you create your look. As I was going on the search of a good costume, not only did I only find a few notable ones, but there were some really bad ones, too. By all means, if you’re going to dress as something, do it well!

Here are some tips to help make your Green Lantern costume even better.

  1. The mask. Sure, there are a few choices to buy the cheap plastic green mask that you can just throw on over your head, but make it look more authentic by buying some green vinyl or leather, if you want to dish that kind of money. Cut out the eyes, shape the outlines, and get some double-sided tape (or costume tape as it’s sometimes called). That way, you eliminate the white stretchy strap look on your head.

    green lantern mask in leather

    source: kelldragon leathercraft

  2. The boots. Green boots aren’t that hard to come by, but if you don’t like the straps on rain boots (which if you’re trying to make your costume look better, then you shouldn’t like those), go for these costume boots. The reviews are promising, but depending on the color you choose, the material may be different. I’d go for the black, because the white comes in patent leather, which makes it really difficult to paint or airbrush on. Go to your local Michael’s or arts and crafts store to get a professional opinion on how to paint your boots based on the material.

    funtasma captain-100 costume boots

    source: amazon

  3. The green leotard. I found a wonderful site that carries leotards in a large array of colors. I’d choose the color “Kelly green” and you might have to cut the sleeves. What I like most about this leotard is that is has the high-neck that most people miss when they are making their costume from scratch.

    welovecolors green leotard with turtleneck

    source: welovecolors

  4. The bulge. Most men do not like wearing Lycra, but have no fear. Dance belts for men will easily put your mind at ease for those uncomfortable moments.
    green lantern cosplay with unfortunate bulge


    men's dance belt

    source: tights and tiaras

  5. The abs. There is really not a great fix for this, except diet and exercise, but if you’re looking to look better in tight-fitting clothes, then this shirt could be your answer. It’s a body sculpting undershirt that gives you the illusion that you look pretty hot, without actually having to try. There’s also this thing here but no one really seems to know if this really exists. Plus, I think it might be uncomfortable. And it will show through your Lycra. Just sayin’.

    body scuplting undershit by ript fusion

    source: ript fusion

Remember, whatever you decide to do for your costume, whether you’re going for the literal look or you’re going to use your own creative free will on it, do it well. There are so many different people doing it- you may as well look good!

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