Is Half Life 3 Being Held Back by Steam?

Valve is asked, “When will Half Life 3 be released?”, all the time, and developer Stardock’s CEO, Brad Wardell, thinks he has the answer to why it’s taking so long. Stardock had a hand in an online digital service similar to Valve’s Steam called, “Impulse”. They recently sold off Impulse to Gamestop because it was getting in the way of what they really wanted to do: make games.

Stardock's CEO, Brad Wardell, thinks Half Life 3 development might be slowed down on account of Steam. Could he be right?

He had this to say about Impulse:
“Yeah, we could have become a retailer and tried to compete in that space long-term, but there were two possibilities. One is that we’d lose out and become a permanent minor player – Impulse relative to Steam today I would argue is a minor player. Or two, we’d be successful and we’re basically just a 600-person retail digital distribution company where three-quarters of the staff are sales people and account managers. And when the winning scenario is not what your objective in life is, then it’s time to re-evaluate what you want to do.”

We miss ya', Gordon.

“There’s not been a new Half-Life in a long time; a lot of people have complained about that,” Brad said. “They have their own challenges getting new titles out the door, and a big part of that I’m sure is the same problems we’ve had. When one of your groups is so ridiculously profitable, every business instinct you have is to throw all your best people at it, because that’s what’s making the money. That’s just sound business. At the end of the day, again you have decide if that’s what you want to do.”
Well, there you go, gamers. Brad Wardell thinks that Steam is holding back Valve. This may or may not be the case, but it has been approximately six years since Half Life 2 came out (Nov. 2004). The original Half Life came out in 1998, which places the first two games at six years apart. I’d say we’re due for a new Half Life game, don’t you? My best guess is that this Episode 3 game will be its own extensive game, as opposed to just being a Half Life 2 add-on. Episode 3 (or HL3?) is said to be the last in the Half Life series, so either Valve is working to make it a special game, or they’re milking it to release other games in the meantime (probably both).

Will Portal 2 have any major tie-ins to Half Life 3? We'll soon find out.

The Portal universe exists alongside the Half Life series, so maybe they’re working on a tie-in. In Half Life 2: Episode 2, a ship called “Borealis” that belongs to Aperture Science disappeared under “mysterious circumstances”.
No matter what the case is regarding Half Life 3’s development, Valve is a great company and I’m very much looking forward to Portal 2, Half Life 3, and whatever else they have in store.

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