New Characters for Detective Game ‘Red Johnson’s Chronicles’

I think this year is a good year for fans of the detective genre. The main game everyone is raving about is the upcoming L.A. Noire by Rockstar Games and Team Bondi. We also have another game for the PlayStation Network called Red Johnson’s Chronicles from Lexis Numérique. It’s a puzzle-based, crime investigation, adventure game that will be available later this month.

The main character is Red, and the city of Metropolis (no relations to Superman’s city) is his domain where he must solve a gruesome murder mystery. In the game, Red will encounter many characters, as he will have to figure out if they are trusted or not. Meet some of the characters.

The most mysterious of the bunch, Saul, always manages to give (or rather, sell) just the right advice to help Red out of sticky situations. But while he’s slick, cool and mysterious, Saul seems to know a lot more about the crime than he lets on, and Red must dig deeper to discover the truth.

Another man about town is Officer Robert, a policeman who appreciates a job well done, but only when it’s done by someone else. With Red taking the reigns in the investigation, it seems that Robert is in luck and can once again sit back and let Red do the dirty work.

And then there’s Carlos, the notorious gangster with a grimace.As they say around town, if you dare oppose Carlos, you’d better have a bigger pair than a rodeo bull. But that said, more than one bull has wound up in the river wearing cement shoes.

So there you have it, the street-cred dude, a cop, and a gangster. Who to trust? Hmmm.

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