Chime Super Deluxe Review: Addicting Music Puzzle Game

Developer: Zoë Mode
Publisher: OneBigGame
Genre: Puzzle
Players: 1-4 (offline)
Platform: PlayStation 3
Release: March 29, 2011
Price: $9.99

I was sold on the Chime Super Deluxe demo right before I got the full game. Now here’s a cool music puzzle game that kicks the crap out of other music puzzle games. It’s what happens if Tetris and Lumines were getting it on and had a lovely beautiful block. And the coolest thing about this game is that the money you put in buying this game goes to charity, since OneBigGame is a non-profit publisher.

Chime Super Deluxe features more music and levels, totaling 10 each, than its predecessor on the PC and Xbox 360, making it the ultimate package. Gamers will automatically compare this to Lumines, since they’re both puzzle games dealing with blocks and music and a beatline that goes from left to right, but this definitely trumps Lumines in terms of musical presentation and gameplay.

In the game, you’re given tetris-like pieces, which you can rotate and move across and place on the board. Your objective is to put the blocks together, kind of like a jigsaw puzzle, to try to form a 3×3 Quad or higher. As you create a 3×3 or more Quads, the timer for that Quad will appear, giving you a chance to form a bigger piece, which in turn gets you more points. Once the timer runs out, the Quad is then turned into a coverage area. The main goal is to cover up the grid with as much coverage as possible, which is 100%.

The biggest draw for me for this game is the music selection and the way music is presented. As you’re trying to cover the grid, the beatline will run across from left to right, sampling different layers to the background track. The more coverage you have, the more the sample layers are being played, creating more of a complete song.

The game has an offline multiplayer mode where you can play with your friends up to 4 players. You can compete in vs. or do co-op. Co-op will have both of you helping each other cover as many areas as possible. In vs. mode, you’re competing against your buds to get the most coverage. You can be a dick in the game by completing your friends’ Quad as the timer is running down.

A minor issue I had with the game were the block colors and the coverage colors during certain parts. This part made looking for an open spot hard to find since the colored block were close in tone with the completed coverage.

Great soothing music that interacts with the addicting strategic puzzle gameplay makes this a must have. Thanks to this game, I’ve been addicted to the track, “For Silence” by Orbital’s Paul Hartnoll (featuring Lianne Hall). The first time I heard of Orbital was in the Mortal Kombat soundtrack. Yes, I’m discovering new music through video games.

Grade: A

Check out the trailer below and see and hear why this game is cool. You can also check out the demo available on the PSN now.

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