TERA MMO Boxart Revealed, Plus New Screens and Monster Info

It’s been a while since we’ve seen some news for Tera, the action MMO game from En Masse Entertainment, but here we have plenty of new screenshots and information on some big ass monsters.


TERA is a dangerous place full of creatures that eat their prey, but only the gulas go so far as to cook their enemies first. Many kinds of gulas inhabit the world of TERA, but they all share one characteristic: they’re part cannibal, part gourmet. Whether players encounter gula pirates lurking on the outskirts of Cutthroat Harbor or gula slavers in the Hungry Caverns, one thing’s for sure: they don’t want to wind up in a gula’s stew-pot!

All that eating makes a gula fat, but fat doesn’t mean slow. The gula’s signature attack is the body slam. The gula flexes its legs, then launches its immense bulk high into the air, crushing anyone unlucky enough to be underneath it. It’s a powerful attack, but clever players can counter the attack by watching for movements like the leg flexing, then getting out of the way. Then, after the gula lands, it sprawls out on the ground where it’s less mobile and more vulnerable—the perfect time for a powerful counterattack.


Azarel’s juggernauts have big teeth like the gulas, but the real danger with a juggernaut is those immense arms. The juggernaut sweeps them in front of itself, knocking players flat if they don’t time their defenses just right. If players flee, the juggernaut will chase them down with the fireballs it throws (the fireballs pack a wallop, but players can dodge them). The juggernaut’s biggest weakness is that it doesn’t pay much attention to opponents at the sides and the rear, and it’s sometimes slow to change direction. Players hoping to defeat the juggernaut must survive long enough to let their friends sneak around behind it, then hit the juggernaut with everything they’ve got. Not only is the creature weaker there, but it’s slow to recognize threats it can’t see.

And here’s some info on questing.

  • Into the deepest labyrinths to rescue their friends from gula slavers—then deliver an action-packed battle against the slavemasters, showing them exactly what justice looks like at the point of a sword.
  • Through the corridors of an academy for magicians that’s been twisted so that every lesson ends in pain, every professor is a tyrant, and the headmaster’s punishments go far beyond demerits.
  • From the depths of Oblivion Woods to the heights of the Fyrmount, as they unravel a vast conspiracy that includes some of the world’s most powerful leaders.
  • Into battle against everything from ancient giants to power-mad cultists…to the gods themselves.

Tera is set to be released in 2011 with Bluehole Studios developing and En Mass Entertainment releasing it in North America and Frogster in Europe.

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