The Rock vs. John Cena Confirmed for Wrestlemania 28

Many fans were disappointed with the turn out of Wrestlemania 27. Many of the matches ran short and Bryan Danielson and Sheamus’s match was entirely cut from the Pay-per-view. Undertaker and Triple H’s match really stole the show, but what really brought down this years Wrestlemania was The Rock vs John Cena Feud.

During John Cena and The Miz’s match, The Rock came out to the ring to get some pay back from last Monday night. The match had just ended in a double count out and many fans were shocked by how mediocre the match had been up until that point. The Rock demanded the match be restarted, but before The Miz and John Cena can square off again, The Rock hits John Cena with a Rock Bottom costing him the match. So, rather than have a decent match for the people that paid to see it, they would rather push the feud so people will have to watch the next weekly program and the next PPV.

Last night on Monday Night Raw, John Cena and The Rock agreed to face off at next year’s Wrestlemania. There is no word if that means The Rock will be sticking around in the WWE until then. Originally, it was thought that their feud would last until Summerslam. We’ll keep you posted.

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