‘Minitroid’ a Fan-Made Chibi Metroid Game – Impressive Playable Tech Demo

As a fan of Metroid, sometimes I feel like maybe I’m a little too well taken care of by all of the awesome fan-made art, games, and music. This time is no different. Don’t let those blocky graphics fool you into thinking this isn’t a very impressive and well designed tech demo for a game you will undoubtedly grow to love.

The game has a charge-beam attack, bombs, four-direction shooting, and you’ll have to get a suit upgrade for running and wall-jumping. You can configure the controls, and I highly recommend doing so.

This demo has been brought to you by programmer Tokinsom, artist Betatronic, and music composer Jamie Billings whose music can be heard here.

The tech demo can be downloaded at Metroid Database.

Check out the trailer for this sweet little chibi gem. I can’t wait for the full version of Minitroid:

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