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It’s been a long time since Max and I got together and shot bad guys in slow motion. Will the magic still be there after Rockstar’s London, Toronto, Vancouver, and New England studios are done with Max Payne 3? Yes, there are four studios working on the game simultaneously. Rob Nelson, the art director, said, “…this just means we can bring the right people in for a specific task when needed – and it gives the game a consistent level of quality and an approach that’s Rockstar.” Let’s hope this slow pace of developing the game will be to the betterment rather than detriment of it.

Some of the other details concerning the game are that there will be a cover system, and we’ll get to see the transition between the Max who has a nice full set of hair, and the current one who is bald. Rockstar says they’ll be doing a lot of jumping between the past and the present. It’s good to hear that James McCaffrey, the original voice actor on Max Payne 1 and 2, is back. Max is apparently working as a gun-for-hire in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Edge claims that there’s a lot of attention to detail concerning the combat in the game. For example, Max can still do his slo-mo jump in any direction, and he will “…thrust out a hand or shoulder to absorb the impact” of the object he lands on.

There are also apparently “fully destructible” environments, though it’s not clear to what extent. I doubt we’ll be seeing the kind of destruction the Red Faction series is known for, but you can expect objects in a room (furniture etc.) to fall apart as bullets blaze through them. There will be a multi-player mode, but Rockstar isn’t ready to talk about that just yet. I’m glad to hear that they’re using hundreds of hours of motion capture combined with the Euphoria engine which has been used in the latest Grand Theft Auto games and Red Dead Redemption to get better reactions and interactions from npcs.

There still isn’t a release date for Max Payne 3, but I hope they’re kind to our wallets and push it back to 2012. It will be published for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.

Source: VG247, Scrawlfx

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