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Hey guys, we’re done with day one of WonderCon and just finished a bottle of Guinness, and I feel sooo good. Oh so good. So Geoff Johns presented the Green Lantern panel at WonderCon 2011 in San Francisco. The guests of honor were Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. Fans were introduced Green Lantern footage, and I think it’s going to be really awesome based on what we just see. Forget that crappy CG trailer we see, it’s looking to be good.

The first scene we were shown took place in outer space. We see Abin Sur, the purpled-alien predecessor to Hal Jordan, talking to Sinestro (Mark Strong) via a holographic communicator. I’d like to mention that Sinestro is looking redder than usual, since in the comic, he’s suppose to be purplish. Other than that, the characters look really good. While Abin Sur is talking to Sinestro, a giant creature comes out of nowhere, and attacks Abin Sur. The creature is revealed to be Parallax. In this scene, we quickly get to see how Abin Sur maneuver in a space station as he’s being chased by the monster (This showed the potential of how Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern will be able to move). He gets injured, and takes his escape pod out of the space station (not sure if it’s a space station, but it’s in deep outer space).

The next scene we see is the escaped ship crash landing on Earth. This is where we see Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) as he is in shock from seeing a purple alien, and then pulls Abin Sur out of his pod. Abin Sur then tells Hal Jordan to recite the oath to accept the Green Lantern ring. Hal, being freaked out that a dead purple alien just died in front him, decides to take the ring and bring it home to his pad.

In the third scene, we see Hal Jordan at his pad, holding the ring and the miniature Green Lantern. This scene is pretty funny, because he knows he’s suppose to recite an oath, but he doesn’t know what oath to recite. So we get to see him trying to recite random oaths, including an American oath. As he starts to recite many different oaths, Hal’s eyes starts to fade to white, as he starts to recite the actual Green Lantern Corps oath (this part gave me goosebumps). Another important thing to mention is that Ryan Reynolds tones down his humor, and brings humility to the character.

The fourth scene has Hal Jordan putting on the ring and transporting really fast to another alien world, where he meets Tomar-Re, the bird-looking alien. This is when we get to see the CG Green Lantern outfits on both Tomar-Re and Hal Jordan. The CG suits are growing on me, since I wasn’t too bothered by it. I like that when Hal talks to Tomar-Re, he doesn’t have a mask on him, since there’s no point in hiding his identity when talking to friends (but how come Tomar-Re and the others don’t need to protect their identities and he does when he heads back to Earth?).

The next scene is a big one, since the audience were able to check out a whole army of Green Lantern members, with Sinestro making a speech about Abin Sur’s death. He says that Abin Sur’s the best Green Lantern, and yet even the best was able to be defeated by Parallax. After his speech, hundreds of Green Lantern members recite the oath and point their rings into the sky, shooting green energy beams.

After that scene, we were then introduced to your typical collages of quick cuts of action scenes. Many of the action scenes involved Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond with a big head. We then see quick cuts of a city street being destroyed and many other action scenes that I can’t even tell what’s going on. That’s when the sneak peek footage ended and the panel with Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively started.

I have to say that after watching the footage, I’m really pumped to check out Green Lantern in theaters. This really hyped me up, compared to the not-so-good first trailer.

This coming June 17th, prepare for DC’s next superhero in theaters.

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