Facebook Unveils Its First Video Game Console! The POS

Just announced today at the annual Facebook press conference, CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed Facebook’s first video game console. The project was over 10 years in the works and hundereds of dollars went into the development. When asked why they decided to jump into the console market, Mark Zuckerberg had this to say:

We believe we have something to offer that is uniquely different from what Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony have. With the POS, you can play with your friends online, watch Youtube videos and you can even watch Netflix

Another bombshell that was dropped at the confrence was the announcement of the POS’s exclusive titles. Facebook signed an super exclusive deal with Zynga so each console will come pre-load with many of Zynga’s popular titles, which is why the system has no CD-ROM drive. The deal is so exlcusive that only Zynga titles will be able to be played on the system but many inside sources say that Facebook is trying to close a deal with Angry Bird’s Rovio

During the confrence, The Facebook co-founder was quick to dismiss any accustations that it was just merely a PC tower with Facebook’s name slapped on it. The POS is scheduled to hit store shelves this Christmas


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