Christopher Nolan Signs on to Direct Darkwing Duck Live-Action

The Dark Knight Rises director Christopher Nolan has just announced that he will helm the live-action adaptation of the Saturday morning cartoon Darkwing Duck. Christopher Nolan has been wanting to direct the film for quite some time, but property rights issues have always set back the production of the film. Following the announcement, Christopher Nolan released the following statement:

This may be my most ambitious project yet. I’ve always wanted to work with animals. There were so many limitations with Batman and I feel that with this project we will be able to bring something uniquely different from Batman.

Rumors have already begun to circle the internet on who will be the villain. Many believe NegaDuck will be the main villain but sources close to Christopher Nolan suggest that the director favors The Liquidator.

When asked to comment on the announcement, Batman released the following:

Dddaah wwaaa baaa raa baga baaaa

Darkwing Duck is scheduled to hit theaters February 23, 2013


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